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TTY/Relay Service... [Jan. 16th, 2008|10:57 pm]
Deaf Education


"Hi this is a mumble mumble mumble for Jake, I'm a mumble mumble to help mumble mumble." Says the person on the other end. "Excuse me, what?" seemed like a nice and valid enough response since I barely caught what was said, but instead I get a hostile response of "I SAID!!!: This is MUMBLE MUMBLE with the relay service, I'm a MUMBLE MUMBLE (guessing she said something like interpreter? operator?), calling on behalf of Suzy for Jake."
Which was a little better, hoping that the conversation would become clearer, so I said "This is Jake, go ahead." But alas, there was still more mumbling and more bad communication...

Ok, maybe I'm being to bitchy about this, but hear me out:

I just got a call through the relay service here, and granted, I haven't used one in three years and am by no means experienced in such things, and I would like to imagine that it is a relatively good service for hard of hearing/deaf folk, but shouldn't the operator/interpreter/whoever be able to communicate clearly with the hearing person on the other end of the line as well? Shouldn't it be a smooth and easy way to communicate?

Your thoughts? Opinions? Am I just crazy? If I'm way off base, just let me know...

[User Picture]From: slinky_girl
2008-01-17 11:46 pm (UTC)
I don't think you're being unreasonable at all. It's common courtesy. You'd expect anyone who calls to speak clearly and be polite. Or at least that what I would expect. Clearly, the person who called you either has no common sense or was not trained properly or was having a bad day (NOT and excuse) or something. You're certainly not crazy or being unreasonable though.
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